Excise duty refund

Our company provides services for the partial refund of gasoline excise duties applicable in: Romania, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, France, Belgium, and Spain 

Advantages we offer

  • We are in constant contact with the customs authorities in the Member States, and our team is up to date with all legislative amendments in the field.
  • You get feedback on the filed documents within two business days
  • Confirmation of filing of your refund applications by text message/e-mail, depending on your choice
  • Customised offer price to meet your company’s needs, either as a percentage of the VAT amounts filed for refund, or as a small unique fee for each selected service, applied on a unitary basis for the tax period.
  • Filing of your applications within 10 business days as of the handing over of the full file, such deadline contractually guaranteed.
  • The transfer to the client of refunded VAT amounts within 10 business days as of the date of collection thereof, such deadline contractually guaranteed