Fuel and tolls

 With the solution offered by BVR, you have access to the following:

  • Over 500 partner stations in Romania
  • Over 18,000 partner stations in Europe
  • Road tolls in all European countries
  • 24/24-hour assistance in all EU countries

The fuel card allows secure access to petrol stations in over 28 European countries. It is entirely customisable and adaptable to your needs. Furthermore, you are the one who holds control (activation, blocking, choice of fuels and of authorised services, etc.).

With us, you optimise the management of the car fleet and keep track of all expenses!

With BVR, you benefit from a full package of services, helping you save time and money and trim administrative efforts:

  • Special offers for fuels and car accessories;
  • Access to a wide network of petrol stations
  • Secured transactions;
  • Flexible invoicing and payment conditions;
  • VAT recovery services and the payment of road tolls;
  • Technical assistance: repairs, tyre replacement, towing of exchange cars, assistance with the payment of tickets and with police checks, linguistic support.