Related services

Ferry reservations

  • We offer a wide variety of ferry routes throughout Europe
  • Coverage of over 1,300 ferry routes
  • Competitive and fair fees
  • Fast, easy and safe reservations
  • Confirmation of reservations by text message
  • Availability outside normal working hours on request/ if necessary

Legal Assistance

  • Legal assistance and the representation of natural and legal persons before the administrative and fiscal courts  
  • Legal assistance and representation in fiscal proceedings
  • Legal assistance and representation in the foreclosure of fiscal debts;

Accounting and Fiscal Representation Services

  • We provide accounting expertise services (expert witnesses) as part of forensic accounting.
  • Accounting services, the drawing up of synthetic and analytical accounting records, by making the online chronological registration of primary accounting documents;
  • The drawing up of monthly balance sheets;
  • Management accounting;
  • Fiscal representation